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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Purpose Under Heaven

On this Memorial Day, May 31st, 2010, we are a nation at war.
Patriots need no reminders - nor do our combat soldiers - nor do their loved ones who eagerly await their safe return. This day has somberly been set aside as a day of remembrance to those who have Fallen. It should also be remembered as a day to pray for their families, and to unapologetically cling to those reminders of the blessings that we have been given, in this nation. Some of us will choose to reflect privately on cherished photo albums or letters, the memories that our departed loved ones have left behind. And some of us will simply bow our heads and pray for our Lord's comfort. Some may choose to lay flowers at grave sites, with quiet whispers, knowing that our voices will be heard and our love, still felt. These moments have become our private reminders. Our personal traditions. The things we do out of respect to ourselves and to our loved ones, our solemn vows that they will never be forgotten. There is sincere comfort in tradition. Perhaps that is one reason why past American presidents have visited Arlington National Cemetery, each Memorial Day.

Respect and tradition can bring comfort to those who seek it.

Sadly, a solemn tradition was lost this year, when President Obama chose not to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Perhaps he decided not to visit Arlington National Cemetery because that hallowed location conflicted with his vacation plans to Chicago. Vice President Biden was, in his stead, designated to lay the wreath, while Mr. Obama enjoyed a casual barbeque, with family and friends. For this, I feel an overwhelming, albeit unofficial, need to apologize to all Veterans and their families, on behalf of the President of these United States.

I believe that this Administration, and Democrats in general, should apologize for continually disrespecting our US military. But, I realize that true Democrats will never apologize - and so I have listed my top 50 reasons why they should:
1. Although our nation is at war, Obama did not alter his vacation plans to visit Arlington National Cemetary, on Memorial Day.

2. Janet Napolitano, Dept of Homeland Security, issued a report stating that Veterans should be considered possible terrorists.

3. The Pentagon is creating a medal for “Courageous Restraint,” specifically to discourage soldiers from engaging with the enemy.

4. President Obama wants to unilaterally disarm the US.

5. The Obama Administration is disclosing to our enemies the exact number of weapons in the US nuclear arsenal.

6. Obama has chosen an anti-military, Supreme Court Justice nominee, Elena Kagan.

7. "Good friends" of Obama include anti-American terrorists who have actually bombed the Pentagon.

8. President Obama has shamefully bowed at the feet of numerous foreign leaders.

9. According to Obama, most children just say "Blah, Blah, Blah..." while saluting the flag, because that is "what he did."

10. Former President Clinton, was recruited by Rahm Emanuel, to “fix” a Senate election in PA.

11. For the first time, in the 56 years since the ”Medal of Honor” Heroes Ball has been held, our sitting president did not attend. Obama instead chose to attend a celebrity ball.

12. Obama canceled his trip to visit troops while he was campaigning in Germany...choosing instead to play basketball.

13. Democratic leaders, fearing too many possible Republican votes, worked against efforts to include thousands of military votes, in the 2008 elections.

14. Obama lifted a ban that disallowed photographs of fallen soldiers, days before the press accompanied him to Dover, DE for a photo-op.

15. Senator John Kerry, (D, MA), referred to Vietnam Veterans as “war criminals.”

16. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, repeatedly and falsely claimed to be a Vietnam veteran, in order to secure a seat in the Senate.

17. Democrat, Rep. Eric Massa falsely accused General Petraeus of treason.

18. While condemning President Bush, Obama claimed that the surge in Iraq would fail.

19. In February of 2009, President Obama publicly stated that American lives lost in the war on terror were “lives wasted.”

20. Democrats agree that the “first step” for success in Iraq is the need to cut funding for American troops.

21. Senator John Kerry (D, MA) insulted the intelligence of our military servicemen and women by stating, “you can either study hard or get stuck in Iraq”.

22. The Obama Administration's attempt to “fix” an election in PA is actually the 4th time that Obama has been implicated in two years time, including Senate races in NY, CO and IL.

23. According to a former FBI agent, and during the Clinton Administration, Chelsea Clinton often referred to the Secret Service and military police as “trained pigs.”

24. Slanderous Congressman John Murtha, (D, PA) falsely claimed that American soldiers were murdering Afghan citizens in cold blood.

25. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, proudly declared that “the war is lost, and the surge is not working,” even though our troops were still at war.

26. The US Navy is no longer an American force - it is now known as a "Global Force for Good".

27. Barney Frank, (D, MA), wants the US to stop building F22 fighter jets because he claims that Russia is no longer a threat to the US.

28. Senator Barbara Boxer, (D, CA) publicly reprimanded Brigadier General Walsh for referring to her as Ma'am instead of Senator, during recent Senate Hearings.

29. Senator Dick Durbin, (D, IL), accused American troops of running a Nazi death camp.

30. Anti-war activists are petitioning to ban all military from colleges and high schools in American cities.

31. Ivy League Schools continue to ban the ROTC.

32. The Federal Government refuses to protect our borders from illegal immigrants and terrorists.

33. President Obama, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Carl Levin are in favor of open homosexuality in the military. They want to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell," without any insight or advice from the actual commanders of our troops.

34. Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, continually votes to slash military funding, and yet she has bilked taxpayers out of “millions of dollars,” demanding military jets for her own personal use, in shuttling her children and grandchildren across the country.

35. Obama wants to close GITMO and give captured, foreign terrorists, American rights on American soil!

36. Democrat, John Kerry, AGAIN calls American soldiers "terrorists".

37. Democrat, Former President Jimmy Carter, traveled to Syria for a "friendly" meeting with terrorist, Khaled Mashaal, the leader of Hamas.

38. Twenty eight hundred people attended a memorial service for coal miners in West Virginia, April 5, 2010. The Patriot Guard Riders, veteran motorcyclists, were banned from the service by federal officials because they were perceived as a security threat.

39. Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter (D, NH), a Member of the House Armed Service Committee, stormed out of a speech given by an 81 year old leader of an organization that honors Veterans. She did not agree with his political opinions.

40. House Democrats refused to pass a bill naming a Veteran’s Hospital after a Medal of Honor Hero. The bill was approved by the Governor, supported by the delegation of New Mexico and passed unanimously in the Senate.

41. President Obama does not like the word “victory” because he claims that victory is not our military objective in Afghanistan.

42. John Brennan, Obama’s Counterterrorism Advisor, claims that our enemies are not terrorists, nor Islamists.

43. Obama repeatedly disregards recommendations made by General McChrystal regarding military needs

44. Obama made the statement, “Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant, military superpower.”

45. President Obama wants to charge wounded Veterans for health care by making them use their private insurance to pay for injuries related to combat duty.

46. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that, while in Bosnia as First Lady, she was rushed from a military jet while under sniper fire.

47. Senator Chuck Shumer, (D, NY), stated that violence in Iraq's Anbar Province was lower "despite the surge, and not because of the surge."

48. Obama vowed to end the war within the first 16 months of his Presidency...May, 2010 marked the end of his 16th month.

49. US Troops were ordered to march in Red Square, alongside the KGB, in order to help the Kremlin celebrate their 65th anniversary of victory over the Nazis.

50. Democrats passed the “Hate Crimes Bill,” designed to protect the rights of pedophiles, but not the rights of Veterans.
Sincere condolences and unending gratitude to those brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. And to those who love them most dearly, as you grieve recent losses, or remember your loved ones now long passed, may you find some peace in knowing that the light of each new morning brings this nation limitless opportunities, none of which would be possible without the selflessness of your son or daughter, your wife or husband, your mother or father, your fiance, your relative or your friend. We owe them our eternal gratitude for this glorious gift of freedom and our heartfelt apologies for not taking better care of it.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

State of McNanny