"One man, living again in his home state, surrounded by territory once rife with Conservatives,
and now hijacked by imported Liberals. This is the product of a self-imposed duty to continue to speak my Traditionalist Values
despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Problem obvious

Liberty Caged, 11-4-08

Next Opportunity for Redemption of The Republic...

...6:00 AM Eastern, November 1st, 2016

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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Endless Hangover

Part I "The Morning After..."

{D.I.} Thirty years plus of "Progressive ProperSpeak" vocabulary to shape and mold public opinion, redefine "standards" of conduct, acceptance and nonacceptance... the fringe liberals finally have hit their mark and swooned the whole tribe. The misnomered "Fairness Doctrine" and other Free Speech squelching measures will maintain promise of this language of indoctrination to continue and flourish. The unending goal is to make liberalism the new Normal, while rendering Conservatism 'old style', antiquated and pure evil.

"Bad = Good, Good = Bad"

We face four to eight years of the most radical, sweeping "changes" that Mr. Bowie could have possibly envisioned. In fact, we may not be able to truly see what is coming realistically enough yet to even approach being properly alarmed. And now, it's just too late to stop the train.

Nice work, "Conservatives"...

We allowed our principles of true Conservatism to be eroded to something that became "Lefty Light"... and we tried to pass John McCain off as a "real Conservative". We ran that against the purest of Liberal. And, as usual, people chose the pure strength rather than the murky, watered version of milk toast. The election was over on January 29th of this year, Folks.

Nice work, Charlie Crist and the Florida Crackheads...

We never gave ourselves a chance. We attached ourselves to a fake. We chameleoned into calling him adequate when he was NOT. Recognizing this, he in turn chose a jewel and then wrapped her in a blanket and smothered her luminance. She was bound to steal the show and overshadow you (*Hint: she's a REAL Conservative)... but you still would have been President when she came through for you by offsetting your errant record and deeds. But you couldn't handle the reality, so you squelched her sparkle.

Nice work, John... please go away now. Quit jamming me...

The majority that voted were the disconnected and uninformed... not analytical, no history knowledge, no conceptual knowledge, no economic knowledge, uncaring, shallow pools of the unthinking, uninvolved except in the gala of the month (and themselves)... just hollow rebel rouser's caught up in the entertainment of the moment... yet delivering and leaving us with a permanent stain. They have partied, "voted" and now return to their state of incoherence as usual.

Thanks for the gift, Airheads... like blowing up a nuclear "dirty bomb" and getting it on all of us.


{M.D.} Yes, D.I., the tragic outcome of this election was indeed as far reaching and potentially damaging as a dirty bomb.

Perhaps true Conservatives should have recognized their fault (by default) in the outcome of this election. We should all be frantically trying to wipe the fallout dust from the shoulders of our collective consciences. We simply cannot accept any Socialist stains on the American flag. ”Out Damn Spot!” It is up to us to recognize that our own lack of diligence allowed Obama's weapon of constitutional destruction to be detonated - and it has set the stage for a significantly negative impact upon America's enduring freedom.

It has become painfully clear that the shock and awe of this explosion went unnoticed by more than half of the population of this nation. Assembled with elements of ignorance and apathy, this incendiary device was created by design to be an assault on our values, while causing irreparable damage to our liberties.

November 4th, 2008 marked a new malevolent reference point to the “shot heard ‘round the world.”

Too many once steadfast conservatives have embraced a sobering complacency that will ultimately become known as constitutional suicide, caused by a self inflicted wound to the head of the Republican Party...


{D.I.} All too true, Dena... and stunningly sad. But it's not lost, and never is as long as we live and breathe. This nation faced larger, more despicable enemies to originally become established! We are, however, in for a magnified, lopsided and concentrated battle of much tougher proportions than the one we just forfeited by default. We relegated ourselves to this position.

I think stout Conservatives will rise to decry the wheres and hows of why we stumbled. The course of this nation will now turn to a drunken inebriated period of wild, ransacking spending. For some time now, many on the right have posited the possible need to fall flat on our faces, in order to recognize gravity and rediscover the ground floor.

We are about to test... and live... that theory.

In the meantime, we should be good and thinking chess players. We need to examine each of the areas of the coming administration's fantasies and campaign sing songs... and how they will directly impact this country's tomorrows.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy 75th Birthday, Mom !
~ It's My Turn ~

“My first desire for knowledge and earliest passion for reading were awakened by my mother.”- Charles Dickens

The year that you (and DI's Mom) were born:
  • The first drive in theatre opened in Camden, NJ
  • Construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge
  • The Average Cost of a new house was $5,750.00
  • Average annual wages were just $1,550.00
  • A loaf of white bread was only 7 cents
  • A pound of ground beef was 11 cents
  • A gallon of gasoline was 10 cents

Two weeks before her 75th birthday, my mother - (a lifelong Democrat) - marked a genuine milestone in her life. She voted Republican for the very first time in a Presidential election. Yes indeed, rather than simply following some misguided form of party loyalty, (heavily propagated in guilt) - she chose to carefully weigh all of the most important election issues and she recognized that there was a real and present danger associated with the Democratic “selected” candidate.

Judging by the hundreds of email ‘forwards’ that I received from Mom during the latter days of the campaign, she not only chose to vote according to her newly formed (and well informed) opinions, she attempted to share those opinions with anyone who would listen.
Way to go, mom!

And so, on this her 75th birthday, I would like to reflect upon some things that were happening during the year of her birth. This brief moment of reflection serves as a timely reminder to me that the more things change, the more they stay the same. It is my belief that time is never given to us with absolute certainty. We merely borrow time as it continually pulsates in a cyclical pattern that we are destined to either learn from - or repeat.

Seventy-five years ago - the year was 1933.
FDR was inaugurated for the first of his unprecedented three terms. in response to a public outcry for change, he announced the implementation of a brand new, New Deal. And so began a deliberate effort to revamp our financial system and strengthen our government through numerous, veiled, Socialistic programs.
(Welcome, Change)

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself” ~ (FDR)

The year was 1933:
America was experiencing the worst year of the depression. A staggering 25.2% Americans were unemployed. The United States banking system was propped up by the United States government, (US Banking Act of 1933), in an effort to stop people from panicking and frantically withdrawing their money from banks. (Welcome, financial bailouts and government assistance programs.)

That same year, Congress agreed to the Home Owners Refinancing Act, as a part of the larger NEW DEAL. (Welcome to mortgage restructuring, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)

The year was 1933:
Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and he subsequently proved that one rogue leader can indeed alter an entire nation. Immediately after being given power, Hitler promptly banned all other political parties, turning Germany into a One Party State. The year continued with a downward spiral. He opened the first concentration camp at Dachau and the Gestapo was established in Germany. Meanwhile, the Hitler Youth stormed Berlin offices of German Youth Associations, (nearly six million German children). Staff members were told to continue working but they were informed that all operations would be under the authority of the Hitler Youth. (Welcome to an armed, Citizen Militia)

In 1933, German President Von Hindenburg officially limited freedom of the press and totally abolished free expression of opinion.
Not possible in America? (Welcome, Fairness Doctrine)

Yes, it was seventy-five years ago -
A baby girl was born to two Italian immigrants in America. Her parents came to this country (legally) on a ship filled with hundreds of other immigrants, all searching for a better life and the American dream. Because they were of Italian decent, they were forced to overcome a latent (and sometimes blatant) prejudice. But they learned the English language (without the help of government programs), they built a business (without the help of government programs), they raised a family (without the help of government programs) and they happily became acclimated to our cultures and traditions, while never forgetting their own. As immigrants, their deep and abiding love for this nation was a result of an appreciation for all opportunities that America offered to them. They proudly became American citizens by every form of that definition. This country was strengthened by their pledge of allegiance and never weakened by selfish expectations or demands.

We have been blessed with seventy-five additional years of American pride and fortitude. May God continue to bless our future. It is my sincerest prayer that my grandchildren will still be able to recognize the glory of this nation, if ever they choose to reflect upon the year 2008, seventy-five years from now.

Where will America be in 2083 ?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Often Shameful Paucity
for Those of the Highest Nobility...

About ten months ago, I was leaving the lobby area of our small local Post Office when I noticed an older gentleman with a limp about to enter the first exterior door. I hurried my way through the interior door so I could open and hold the door for this man. I then retreated to the interior door and repeated the simple courtesy. He thanked me audibly and I promptly assured him he was most welcome. I then continued my exit outside to the parking area.

By the grace of God, it's small town, rural America here. There was only one other vehicle in the lot, which I had to pass on my way back to my truck and eagerly awaiting wiggle tailed wooves. Here in Maine, we have a state required license plate on both ends of each vehicle, and it is illegal to remove the front one to display any other type of plate, decorative, novelty or whatever. As I passed by what I realized was surely the old man's sedan, I half noticed that his front plate was not that of the state issued mandate. At first, I didn't really scrutinize it, but then took another glance and realized what I was seeing... a state of Maine issued, official "Purple Heart" license plate.

I felt my late father's hand of respect firmly squeezing my shoulder as my feet hauled to a sudden stop. I wheeled on one foot and headed back to the Post Office lobby.

Now there is a certain part of me that simply hates to do what I knew I had embarked upon. I find it absolutely required, but I know that I cannot do it with a steady voice or a dry eye. Never. To be painfully honest, I cannot even type this without getting shaky. But it is my personal version of compulsory civilian appreciation and duty. It's how my parents raised me... and it always stirs my... deepest passion.

After getting through the exterior door, I managed to just get to the interior door and open it ahead of the withered skeleton of the man heading back out after completing his business.

He looked up at me with a wrinkled grin and said, "Well, young man, I guess you're the designated doorman for this facility today?"

I replied, "Sir, it is a high honor to hold this door for a Purple Heart warrior of these United States" and with that, I earnestly thanked him and firmly, but gently, reached out and shook his hand. He shook my hand with surprising authority and I was beginning to react with embarrassment because I knew my eyes were welling up. Then I saw his eyes were already spilling his own tears.

We continued together through the exterior door and he told me how rare it was that anyone even noticed his Purple Heart plate. He had considered just removing them and requesting "normal" state items, but his wife wouldn't stand for that. I opened his driver's side door and before getting into his car and driving off, he told me that it meant "a lot" to him that someone actually cared, much less said so, thanked him and exchanged a handshake. I told him that I owed the very opportunity to live in freedom to his dedicated acts of valor and those of innumerable veterans just like him.

We didn't exchange names then, or since, although I see him from time to time, always with a smile, a greeting and that firm, now familiar, handshake. We don't need to know each other's names. After all, he defended all of us and never had to know anyone's name.

Veteran's Day is one of the most important, sacred remembrances of the annual calendar. It is a marked notation of our society's moral declivity to witness that it is generally no longer held in such obeisance. Many of us (both writers of this blog staunchly included) do still take serious, lauding interlude to consider the gargantuan endowments of our defenders... past,present and future. They routinely convey selfless contributions to all Americans... who they do not and will not ever personally know. To the patriotic civvies of this ethos, to act otherwise ordinarily is wildly beyond comprehension.

We simply MUST remember. We sincerely absorb the gravity and revere their commitments. We react instinctively, choking to grasp sparsely sufficient air into our lungs. We halt in wonderment at the enormity of their consideration for the freedom, liberty and independence that they undauntingly, unflinchingly protect for all.

They are the wardens of the truest prerogative. They secure it for every one of the citizens of these incredible United States... the people who thank them and the people who spit on them... and all degrees of varied homage in between. They guard Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, Conservatives and liberals without ever checking our stripes. They require nothing from we the benefactors, excepting our richest enjoyment of the fruits of their sacrifices. We are permitted to ignore, to disregard completely or even to disparage their courageous acts of aegis. And that disgusting portion of our freedom to do as we individually choose, however morally and ethically repugnant, is also protected by these same gallant knights.

These brave, gritty, resolute men and women have stepped up for generations. They fought for, built and established the beacon of liberty that is this towering country. They have protected it ever since with undying love and dedication. They have walked away from family, future and comfort to preserve that of their countrymen. How utterly unforgivable could it be for us to forget, evade, neglect and overlook what they have freely granted us?

We have but two simple obligations of response:

We must honor them and their families with a regard that is proper and fitting for their sacrifices.

And we must never allow their accomplishments to be eroded, rendering their spilled blood ineffective and given in vain.

Freedom costs dearly... Live it. Love it. And always remember to take a few simple moments of your time to guilelessly thank our veteran heroes for it. May God richly bless their souls, one and all.

We sent the following e-mail to Our Readers just yesterday:

Date: Monday, November 10, 2008, 4:14 PM

Hi There!

We are doing a combination post to honor our veterans on the annual day of remembrance tomorrow, November 11, 2008. Dena is preparing a video to accompany some thoughts I am assembling. We would like to invite you to send a picture of your family member or friend, who has or is proudly serving our great nation, for inclusion in the video tribute. Dena has offered this as a rather last minute thought, but has agreed to include any of your images received by midnight tonight, Eastern Time. The post will go up, in its' entirety, tomorrow morning. There is no implied requirement to include anything... merely an offer if it is to your liking. You are cordially invited to join us in celebration of all of our generations of truest heroes.

Blessings to you,


The response was impressive. Many sent in pictures of their friends and loved ones within hours, despite the very short notice. I interpret that to indicate how emphatically you agree with our wishes to pay our veterans, ALL our veterans, the HIGHEST RESPECT.

Miradena has included all the submitted loved ones and friends, who have proudly served all of us, in her following tribute video. I am positively sure you will enjoy it. Thanks, Dena!

God Bless America and our truly heroic veterans!