"One man, living again in his home state, surrounded by territory once rife with Conservatives,
and now hijacked by imported Liberals. This is the product of a self-imposed duty to continue to speak my Traditionalist Values
despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Liberty Caged, 11-4-08

Next Opportunity for Redemption of The Republic...

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Most Precious Commodity...

It is something I find myself having very little excess of lately. But then, do we ever truly have an excess of it, or only a specter that we perceive to be real?

It is right now. It is fleeting. It is unsure and unequally dispensed. It is, like so many things in this life, uncertain. That item is time.

I currently have a mother visiting (who has been so many times and severely ill that none of us ever really expected she would come home again). I also have a wife about to enter the hospital for a major operation with a recovery period predicted to be four to six weeks. I consider these reasons, rather than excuses, for my inattention to writing posts lately for my small handful of faithful readers to peruse. I have kept up with news and tried to be regular about visiting my favorite bloggers to add my two cents worth of comments when deemed appropriate.

So here are a couple of thoughts I wanted to contribute...

First and foremost, Fred Thompson has jumped over a cliff before even embarking on his stated dutiful path to rise to a need he said he clearly recognized. He said he saw a need for a real leader, someone who could measure the scope of the threat of Jihad to the Free World and effectively, concisely respond to it. He claimed to be that man.

He has now appointed Spencer Abraham to the position of Campaign Manager. If you are unfamiliar with the do-absolutely-nothing Lebanese Republican former Secretary of Energy from 2001 to January of 2005, appointed by formerly claimed Conservative Jorge W., you should read every bit of very upsetting history that is very well summarized here and here. All of a sudden Fred's extolled tough words regarding the issues (like the Jihadi threat and securing the borders) that concern real Conservatives begin to have a hollow ring to them. Abraham is a notorious Islamic sympathizer for groups like CAIR and the American Muslim Alliance.

Here's another upsetting overview of Abraham from Freedom Folks:

Abraham is most famous as an arrogant open-borders fanatic in his work as chairman of the Senate immigration sub-committee in the late 1990s. He was so bad on immigration that in 2000 Michigan conservatives and Republicans voted for Spencer’s challenger, pro-abortion liberal Democrat Debbie Stabenow, in order to drive Spencer from the Senate. Abraham lost his Senate seat because of his commitment to open borders, pure and simple.

End result in this corner is that I am seeing another claimed Conservative ( you know... like Jorge W. once was, remember?) make moves that do not support the claim. Is Fred just unaware? I doubt it and can't turn that into a plausible reason for such a colossally STUPID appointment anyway... Can YOU? How would 'unaware' be a good reason for someone we would presumably trust to be POTUS?

It looks to me like another faker. And I must admit being foxed. Damn! That's very, very bad news. I see that as leaving only good Conservatives like Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo, who I would have preferred to Fred anyway based on their histories, but who also don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of beating the coming Hildebeast/Obamawama ticket. Romney can't either and Rudy never was a Conservative (pro gun control and pro abortion).

Wonderful, ain't it? Do you feel like you just swallowed a handful of phenobarbitols?

Mostly unrelated Item #2:

It pertains to the latest discovered scumbag amongst the ranks of the NFL, Michael Vicks and his dog fighting side biz. While most folks are outraged, I discovered a late commenter at another favorite blog who went apparently unnoticed. I will not name that individual, as I see that as much less important than the comment. To be entirely fair, the entire comment is posted exactly as it was written:

Torturing animals, or using animals in cockfighting or dogfighting, should not be a crime. How in the world are you going to enforce that one, guys? Do you really want yet another stupid government agency coming around inspecting your house, requiring you to have a license to own a dog, verifying that this or that animal is torture-free, and then taking away your pets if you fail some bureaucratic test?

I’m surprised and disappointed. I suspect that several of you will raise a hue and a cry to high heaven should someone float similar proposals for children. Or do you sit back and advocate government control of your children, too? I’m just curious. Why can you trust parents to take care of their kids, but you can’t trust pet owners to take care of pets?

The government steamroller must be stopped, and if we’re not willing to say, no to pet inspectors and the department of animal welfare, then we’re not going to deny ANY bureaucratic intrusion into our lives.

Haven’t we lost the fight if we’re basing our arguments on the principles of laissez faire, freedom, and trust in the common man? Too many of us have bought into the liberal concept that the world can be perfectly controlled and are attempting to legislate consciences into pet owners!

As to the lead sentence... Horse Hockey! LARGE, DEEP STEAMING piles of it!

By that logic, it should be OK for an individual to string up his dog on a tree in his front yard, beat it, starve it, cut of limbs a bit at a time to see how long it will survive and, when it expires, just cut it down and troll the neighborhood for a replacement??? Right? 'Cause hey, it "should not be a crime"! Anybody got any doubts that it wouldn't go exactly this way in today's obscene world if it was legal?

Perhaps it should not be illegal to torture or murder anything or anyone because it MIGHT lead to someone investigating a "situation" that turns out to be something other than that which it was construed?

We should ignore the fact that MOST serial killers begin their careers of malicious abuse and evil murder of PEOPLE by torturing, mutilating and animals unable to prevent it.

The commenter is disappointed in us for our views??? I will tell you that I have grown to have the highest respect for this individual up to this point. This person has a giant brain, a gentle tone and an eloquent, tremendously rare writing talent. My regard is unchanged, but I don't have to agree, and I don't.

I also share the view that unwarranted, governmental intrusions into our lives are abhorrent and undesireable. But if you're going to have a system of laws, if you're going to have investigations of allegations of abuses (even human abuse), the risk of investigating something that turns out to be null is always going to be there. That is precisely why we have a judicial system with checks and balances. It is no excuse to scrap all laws and return to all out anarchy.

Yes, the system is very much imperfect and it does fail us on occasion. But that is a reason to make actual torture and killing of animals LEGAL when evidence is substantial to indicate that it may have occurred? My contention is that if you want to make torture/murder/abuse of animals an acceptable legal pastime for the twisted minds of the world (because it may otherwise result in an accusation of someone later found to be innocent) then delete all laws because the same thing can happen in any case. Yes, if you have a law you will have to establish some level of abuse as criminal. We also have to have levels and rules to define any other crime on the books.

We do trust parents AND pet owners to take care of their respective children and pets. Possible abuses are only investigated when appreciable evidence of a possible infraction arises. There is no "parent test" that is required to procreate... nor should there be. Neither is there any "pet ownership test" that is invoked... nor should there be. To do such would be to question the presumption of innocent intent and activity without provocation. (THAT is precisely what we have with states requiring permits and qualification tests BEFORE being allowed to carry concealed weapons in a country with a 2nd Amendment that already guarantees the right.) THAT would be unacceptable and again, that is why we have a judicial system to determine when someone is framed or otherwise falsely accused.

I have no vision of any sort of "perfect control". I have immense disdain for the liberal mentality that would suggest such a concept could ever be reality. No one I know is seeking perfection either, but simply justice for verifiably inhumane acts. I also could care less about a pet owner or a parent having a "conscience". That is morality and I agree it cannot and should not be legislated. That is quite different from a society's refusal to accept proven murder and/or torture. And guess what... to convict someone of such an act, it will have to be investigated!

To round file all laws (which is a simple extension of the advanced logical argument) based on the possible abuse of an investigation is far more than throwing out the baby with the bathwater... it would be leveling the entire house.

Sorry... no sale here. OK, rip me apart. That's what the comments are for, if you are so inclined...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

"We Just Don't Have the Resources..."

Thanks to Sniper for finding and posting this excellent Gingrich video. Accordingly stolen with due credit...

Common sense hurts so badly, eh, Mikey? Unfortunately for you, not quite everyone is totally bereft of it just yet.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

G-Man Returns a Favor For All of Us...

*Thanks to G-Man at The Pickle for first posting about this!*

Consider, if you will, one genuine Ass Hat who exposed all the personal information attached to over 2600 Concealed Carry Permit Holders in the Sandusky, Ohio area and then has the unmitigated gall to whine and boo hoo when, predictably, reciprocity arrived at his door. In classic liberal pattern, he went further than just whimpering, too. He even got personal in his threatening replies leveled at firearms owners everywhere:

"You guys aren't impressing anyone with your trailer trash crusade."

"You all don't know what you're getting into. I'll open you up wide and you'll be slung from the ceiling."

"Laugh it up, you don't understand the power of the press. But you will."

"You guys are just the kinda of people that need firearms. I bet your friends and family are so proud."

Perhaps your friends and family are similarly pleased with you? Well, Mr. Matt Westerhold, Managing Editor of the Sandusky Register, the folks are the forum where you made these hateful remarks decided to get even by finding and publishing this...

DOB: Nov 5, 1958

322 Deepwood Lane
Amherst, OH 44001


225 East Ave
Elyria, OH 44035-5634

2003 Blue Chevy

Office: 419-609-5866
Cell: 419-357-5051 or (440)

...did you perhaps not think through that taking on the entire gun owning population in the United States might cause things to get a bit, hmmmmm... uncomfortable?

Who would have thunk that an unprovoked, invasive, uncalled for travel trip into law abiding firearms owners personal information might have elicited such an equivalent response? Perhaps people who have already subscribed to the unconstitutional processes of obstructive hoops and hurdles in being allowed to pursue their inalienable right in the first place?

Surely not you, eh?

Cry to mommy, Communist... enjoy the fire!


Much more information to be read and absorbed at the Buckeye Firearms Association website!


Think this is the first time this has happened? Think again. Westerhold had a precedent named Christian Trejbal of the Roanoke Times.


Have you managed to resist the nausea so far??


Here's what us pee-ons think, to date, about the Roanoke Times decision to publish CC statewide listing of over 137,000 law abiding people in all walks of life... (take the poll here)


Here's the feedback comments to Trejbal's column. They're all pretty consistently exceptional, but if you take the time to follow down the list a ways, he tries weakly to argue his 'points' for only a brief time. His excuses will enrage you with their distractions and merriment. Finally, he seems to realize the coming tsunami and he gives up. The pleas from readers are heartfelt and strong... you'll read until you get weary and run out of time.


Here's a disassembly, point by point, of Westerhold's pathetic attempts to dissuade and defend, by a character that logs in as '2aprotects1a' to the Sandusky Register's Feedback Forum. Priceless!


Here's Westerhold's attempt to build a self protecting fortress, and, at last count, 557 people's angry comments in reply! I hope he's enjoying the heat. I sure am.

Happy, Happy... Joy, Joy!

"I am very happy with where the campaign is..."

Good deal, John Boy! ME TOO!

Buh, bye now...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Cal Thomas Says It, Stands By It!

With thanks and credit to Anti-Jihadist at Pedestrian Infidel for finding and posting the full version of Mr. Thomas' words...


Urban Infidel has uncovered a travesty again... This has got to be one of the most revolting things I have seen in quite some time.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

For the Sicko Fans

"Nearly 46 million Americans have no health care..."

Dennis Kucinich, Wingnut for President

Remember that line carefully. Then read Laura's latest over at Pursuing Holiness where she presents cold, hard statistics in a collection of three videos complimented with her enlightening words. Pure dissection of the Democratic utopian claims of 'Universal Healthcare'. This is very much worthy of your time.
It's the next post above the earlier mentioned one and another must read.

I've Been Tagged...

Hmmmm.... I am somewhat reluctant to publish much about me, so I will be intentionally cryptic. But what follows does apply, just that it has been made a bit indirect. I will play the game because I really appreciate the super lady that included me. Besides, should it not be construed as a high compliment? If there was no interest, assumably there would be no invitation.

The Rules are:

1.) List eight things about yourself.

2.) Stipulate eight others who may be interested in participating.

My list of 'targets' is as follows (apologies provided for any who, unknown to me, have already done such):

Some folks are very worthy of inclusion but I already know quite a bit about you. So no hard feelings if you are not above, OK?

And here are my own little twists on the above listed...

First, if you have participated, I would be pleased to link to your post about you if you will provide it.

Second, if you don't wish to participate, pass the ball to one designated person of your interest and I will link to their story.

Third, if you don't wish to do either of the above or participate, please just let me know and I will pick someone else. Fair deal?

Now here are eight true items pertaining to this grumpy guy in the woods of Maine...


1.) I love advanced math and use it in practically everything I do. My idea of 'recreational homework' is to encounter a useful math sequence I can then turn into an Excel spreadsheet.

2.) I am challenged and energized by complicated engineering. Pythagoras would have been a Founding Father, but for living in the wrong time zone.

3.) I use a vernier caliper for carpentry measurements.

4.) I make things fast. (It is up to you to decide where in this sentence the emphasis should be placed...)

5.) Navigation and exploration should have both been my middle names (I have numerous Sea Captains in my geneology). I am passionate about damn near everything, but especially exploring remote areas. It gives me overview and perspective. If people don't go there, I want to.

6.) I have fundamental, basically sensible limits inside me that are often masked by my overwhelming lust for the extreme.

7.) When I see a mountain, my first thoughts involve searching for a route to the summit, no matter how absurd... and bringing my camera.

8.) I have more REAL friends (who mean the world to me) than any 1000 people could be justifiably blessed with... and they all seem to think I turn everything into a science project. I remain sure they are all wrong.

Everybody sleep tight!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Federal Agents: We'll "deal with him later"

Get ready to hurl.

He raped a fifteen year old girl "within hours" of being released. But there's even more:

"Juan Villa, 24, has been in the Maury County Jail 11 times since 2001 on charges of assault, public intoxication, driving without a license and contempt of court.

He was released from jail on $1,000 bail on Friday at about 9:45 p.m. and is suspected of raping the 15-year-old shortly after midnight. During the investigation, a 13-year-old girl also told deputies she was raped by Villa, Sheriff Enoch George said."

A thirteen year old, too. The fitting acronym here would be


Oh, and I know I'm not supposed to mention this... but he is an illegal trespasser in this country also... With incarceration records going back to 2001! You remember 2001, don't you? That's the year we found out that 15 out of 19 of the murderers that killed our citizens were illegal trespassers, too!

How does the Jorgio/Teddy/Johnny Boy Mantra go again?

"These are all non-violent, good people just here to pick our crops!"

"They're doing the jobs Americans won't do!"

Yeah, in this case the latter is at least correct, 'cause WE DON'T GENERALLY RAPE OUR FRICKEN' CHILDREN!

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

God Bless America!

It is one of my all time favorites (I prefer delivery by the late, great Kate Smith), head-to-head with 'Amazing Grace' and 'The Battle Hymn of The Republic'. Those wonderful songs always cause me to consider what they mean and the sacrifices made to give Americans what we have.

Free speech is guaranteed to all, even those who both repudiate and abuse it, but guaranteed nonetheless. Americans can denounce their leaders, disrespect our military and lament their perceived conspiracies, yet be secure that their public outcries are protected. This is one of the most cherished of our many rights. One of many that men and women defend with their lives, even this second, and have through generations. It is not the case in so many countries that are frequently lauded for their more "civilized and progressive" natures.

On a day like today, I stop to consider not just the encouragement and propaganda opportunities that the anti-war participants give our enemies, but especially the impact it must make on the soldier's psyche. Isn't it sacrifice enough to have these fine men and women go put their lives on the line for the rest of us every single day, for months and years on end? How rude and inconsiderate can people be of the monumental efforts they are making?

Our military has the very same powerful communication capabilities we have in internet news and live television. It is there for them to see and digest every day, too. Yet they turn their backs on the din of cowardly noise from home and fight on anyway. The word "hero" is tossed around far too callously these days, but not in the case of our incredible military!

It is important to realize the appreciated support the military also get from another wing of free speech, and that would be bloggers. Specifically, Conservative bloggers. It is easy to lose track of the actual difference this medium of speaking out makes, but all you have to do is more closely examine. It is time well spent and caringly invested. There is a huge exchange of ideas and information. It promotes realization of groundswell support, the very fibers of which are everything that is "grass roots". And it reminds our fighters how much many of us really care.

If it is tough to deal with the time and invasion of your personal life that sitting down to speak out requires, consider the sacrifices the military makes for you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Much like the folks you "type to", those military men and women don't know you either. But they give and give and give more. Be inspired by the soldier's fight... they give so much more than the rest of us. Bloggers and the tsunami public outcry they stirred are surely a huge part of the recent Senate defeat of Shamnesty. It really is the least we can do.

Do have your self-imposed 'battles' with folks of differing opinions. Don't back down because you feel you will never open eyes or help an apathetic to see. That's how it is done. With facts, history and as much calm as you can possibly muster and maintain. You are correct... therefore, there's no need to lose your unalienable cool. (OK, I hear ya'... just remind me when I do it next time, OK?) It's how people are coaxed to see reality and examine their previous habits of disconnection and disinterest.

Perhaps you have friends or family who have rolled their eyes when they learned that you take the time to read, research and blog. How do they do in a discussion with you, or perhaps even a "debate"? Have you ever been sought out by them and specifically asked about your views regarding something political? Does that not tell you how they really see your interest when they seek your opinion?

I had a call from a lifelong, Conservative friend two days ago to ask me who Fred Thompson was and what I thought of him. At first, I thought he was joking. He was dead serious. I couldn't imagine that he didn't know and hadn't followed Thompson for years, as I have done.

Yesterday, I was relating the conversation to another friend who stopped by my business. I got half way into explaining my surprise that this other friend didn't know who Fred Thompson is, when I saw him getting red faced with embarrassment. He didn't know either.

My friends are not false Conservatives, just disinterested and feeling defeated. Does this mean that Fred can't win? No, it means that Fred is yet undiscovered by many good folks. When they learn about him and realize the change in the hum drum that has so completely turned them off in the first place, they will be re-energized. We, the more interested and informed, each can help that occur. Values matter to these people, but they won't invest the time and study in politics that so many bloggers do.

To a great extent, those people rely upon us in their small community groups. This is why we read, speak out and write... Gail. This is why you are hooked, too. It is why you can't escape contributing your part. By my count, you were able to resist posting 'political' a full five days! HA! What a wonderful lady you are!

I do all I can to encourage young adults to really think about the issues. The most recent topic I shared with a young aquaintance was about citizenship and what it means. Children and youth need to more frequently have that discussion. If you can start them thinking, you can start a real fire. Here's a really cool quiz that helps you consider your citizenship worthiness! (It is a link to a link, but I do that intentionally, both because that is how I found it plus I want you to check out this rock solid lady's incredible devotion to defending our 2nd Amendment. Great stuff!)

For readers who are patriotic like myself, I encourage you to view Urban Infidel's American flag images with slide show. It is her usual stunning art. It also gives pause to consider what she found to be the disappointing rarity of flag displays. Take heart, UI... some fine folks still think the flag is ultra-cool! She is a very passionate and skilled Brooklyn photographer who routinely risks her life and limb to photograph extreme leftist loon parades. Another case again of a blogger who views it as a duty to share with the world what she sees. Her archives will really open your eyes. A newly created separate blog, just for her "pretty" images, can be enjoyed here, too.

Angel has written yet another very thought provoking post about the nation's birthday and its' parallels in theology. Unlike the non-believer's often expressed wishes to mute, remove and desparage faith based folks' practices regarding religious expression, she reviews some history of our founder's views and their influence on the creation of this country. She also preaches something that the left claims they invented... "tolerance". Go figure.

I hope everyone finds their own enjoyable way to consider, share and celebrate this nation's glorious 231st birthday. Hopefully it motiovates you, as it does me, to be EVER thankful to our warriors and continue to contribute your time, efforts and cheritable donations to good causes. We each can do so much if we choose to.

And on that note, perhaps most worthy of mention on such a wonderful day, I received an e-mail from a good friend pointing me to another Real American. The e-mailer chose not to be named, and the link was actually found by him over at The Jawa Report. (Now that is an excellent blog that uses some pretty turbulent language rather frequently. I know that alone would keep some of my readers from checking it out and following the posts there, but to do so is to miss some great content.)

At any rate, get some absorbent paper products readied and don't miss viewing this honorable woman's story.

Happy Birthday, oh beautiful, steadfast America!

Please make time to pause in silence and pray for those fallen. They and their families have given everything they had to offer... for us. Please celebrate the important meaning of these gifts bestowed upon us with all appropriate reverence and pride!