"One man, living again in his home state, surrounded by territory once rife with Conservatives,
and now hijacked by imported Liberals. This is the product of a self-imposed duty to continue to speak my Traditionalist Values
despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




social transition


Gossamer Socialist



Problem obvious

Liberty Caged, 11-4-08

Next Opportunity for Redemption of The Republic...

...6:00 AM Eastern, November 1st, 2016

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Conservative Passion

What began as my casual stroll through the world of politics has suddenly turned into a more determined walk. And with that walk came a passion that I hope will be as evident in these first steps as it is intended to be at the height of this journey. Passion thrives in a world filled with inspiration and people who inspire. It is motivated not by a specific destination but by an unrepentant longing to explore.

Step One. Finding where passion is hidden and how it can be harnessed. For me, this is the first of many uncertain steps. I hope that I will always have a sincere passion for many things, because it is the ebb and flow of these things that most guide me. Whether or not the passion can be adequately harnessed, remains to be seen.

Years ago, my embarking on any political journey such as this would have seemed, at best, unlikely. But the ebb brought with it change and with the flow came an acceptance to that change. Core values, belief structures and momentary lapses of judgment combined with transitions, confessions and a story yet to be told. And it is my story, forever incomplete and changing, claiming no specific contribution to the world of literature. It is instead meant to serve only as a preamble to my personal constitution.

Once upon a time, in the Land of Liberal, began a journey. Lured by the promise of endless peace and shining seas - golden ponds and majestic forests, I remained happily ignorant of any world or ideals beyond the Land of Liberal. I reveled in the knowledge that the most caring and compassionate people chose to reside in this elite community. It was my staunch belief that Christian values were best served in this wondrous land of warrant-less compromise. And it was in those early years, that I was most compelled to demand that anyone in need of assistance should be receiving assistance. And so, as the hierarchy writhed and demanded more money for food, shelter, education and health care, it seemed almost self-serving to not make personal sacrifices or sweeping demands of our government. I was strangely beholden to these people who spoke in grand words laced with poetic prowess and rhythmic expressions, but I never looked beyond the rhyme to seek the reason for their rhetoric. My world, at that time, equated to having as much (or as little) insight as a child with difficulty understanding why parents cannot simply write more checks when there are more expenses. But fortunately for me, I have been able to leave most of my youthful naivety in the past, where it serves as a gentle reminder to always have patience for those with opposing views. Self-reflection breeds the best form of empathy.

Yes, I do understand the road on which a liberal travels, because I have also walked that road. The best motivator for change is revelation. I fortunately married someone who has never been afraid to question authority. Conversely, my youth left me with an inherent need to respect my elders (most of whom dwelled with me, happily in the Land of Liberal). With marriage came new exposure to that New Land of Conservative Thought. While accepting my former station as a Liberal, my new husband believed that this was a minor obstacle for me, one which I would easily hurdle through my willing exposure to contrasting opinions. Of course, there were quiet sounds of discourse, occasional sighs of disbelief and that oh-so-frequent hanging of his head. But he allowed me to forge my own path. Admittedly difficult, since I had been thoroughly programmed to mentally deflect any sounds of talk radio or rational thought. Occasionally, I would overhear momentary insightfulness from the car radio during random road trips. It was this slow progression which drew me closer to that ever-looming light of conservatism. Eventually that light cut a deliberate pathway through the darkness, and this flag waving Liberal became a wavering Conservative, on the brink of discovery.

Enter the FOX.
I had heard tall tales of other people who loved God and respected American values. This news directly contrasted the negative spin on which the Liberal base had found its focus. Their constant negativity, warped sense of entitlement, exploitation of pain and stifling of individual thought, created the perfect dependency for those of us who were held mentally captive in the Land of Liberal.

As with any addiction, denial overshadowed reality.
But the first step to recovery is admitting that there is a problem.
"Hi, my name is Liberal, and I have been a Conservative for 3650 days."

Thank you FOX for providing assistance to those of us who unwittingly overdosed on Liberal consumption. Your support has helped me to maintain my conservative sobriety.

And with the FOX came the hunt.
That faint taint of Kool-aid remained for several years following my release from captivity. I choose to call that period of time my 20's - even though it lingered well into my 30's. (A reluctant confession).

However, it was during my third decade that I embraced conservatism, fully. And I quietly reveled at my own enlightenment.

But then I turned 40.
And - with my 40's, came an overwhelming need to recruit.

Through political videos or through the written word - this has been an interesting discovery of an unexpected passion. I will clumsily take these first steps toward a more determined walk. And as I struggle for balance, I hope in all sincerity that the pursuit of this passion will lead me with grace, to my next unexpected discovery.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Repulsed and Outraged...

If you have any moral fiber, any true human decency... you should be dutifully compelled to read every, single word of this, this, this and this...

How much longer before the IDF wipes this scourge forever from the face of this Earth? What will it require to spur the FINAL action so deserved?

Heartfelt thanks to "Angel", her commenter "Wingless" and "Linda" for their continued fight to display these savage animals for what they are. May these horrendous murderers' just demise begin their eternal rotting in Hell.

It can't begin soon enough.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Regarding The "Gut Feeling"...

I have them... I guess we all do. Most of the time, I check them out mentally to establish for myself their true source and examine their potential validity. I am frequently... "skeptical", in a word.

So I had this encounter several days back over at my friend Gayle's excellent blog. She posted a moving, bold video regarding the threat of an Obama Presidency. I was struck, both because of its' content and its' finished sheen. I like videography and have dabbled with it just enough to understand how much effort goes into trying to do a seamless, top shelf job (and recognizing that I am a hopeless amateur). This thing was decidedly good.

Gayle had e-mailed the source, telling her that she had posted the vid at her site and how much she appreciated it. The authoress stopped by Gayle's blog, read the preponderance of approving comments and duly commented herself, kindly thanking those for their remarks. Her words were articulate and humble. I felt an eyebrow spontaneously rise.

Gayle inquired as to why she did not blog. There was a replying expression of interest and curiosity. There went that eyebrow again.

I went to YouTube and searched out her account page. I saw several other videos she has made, a very short time account history with YouTube and a striking "bio" she had added there. Both eyebrows were now at attention.

Any of us who blog can likely recall the somewhat daunting emotion that accompanied our first efforts following a decision to try out the medium. It sure seemed to me to be probably a lot more complicated and involved than I was ready to attempt, but I had a political voice inside that was crying out.

Here in this lady, I seemed to see a very strong, capable voice. She was already quickly making quite a "disturbance" on YouTube with liberals howling and snapping out their drive-by personal attacks. Quite an effervescent splash going on over there!

Here's where my "gut feeling" took off.

I have a blog. I have great, thinking readers (although not many... but that is just fine... quality is not common nor found in great numbers). It would be pretty easy to offer her some "keys"... if she were interested. The video creations are already a huge task... Could I encourage her to use her writing voice also and perhaps make the entry to blogging a bit easier, in light of her already noble contributions?

Yes, I could. It might be quite a risky, bold, maybe even "dangerous" extension of my hand... but I could do it. I don't focus on me personally here much, but I have been known to do dangerous things before! It might be a disaster. It might be something I soon regret. It might be all sorts of things...

But I wouldn't know if I didn't go there and find out. And I had a little voice telling me to throw caution to the wind this time.

So, I have.

I have placed no restrictions on her, no limitations. I told her to write her mind and to write for her. I welcome her video compilations but still have emphasized my interest to read her words. I will carry on just as I always did... writing when I have something I want to say, no fluff, and silent when I have nothing to offer. If I disagree with her, I will say so respectfully and clearly, just like I have at any other blog. I could care less if my site "traffic" ebbs or flows. I only want the high caliber of commenters I have slowly accumulated over the past couple of years. Nothing has changed for me. It is still quality, not quantity.

Welcome to "Dena". Please... sing as you see fit.


Here follows Dena's reply and first entry:

"I am humbled by your warm welcome and I sincerely hope that I am able to do it justice.

In all likelihood, there will be moments when someone quietly wonders what I am doing here - and of this I have no doubt, because at this moment - the person quietly wondering, is me. As time passes, I can only hope that I can dissuade any doubts that you may have about me and by virtue of your acceptance - alleviate some of my own. I have often wondered where I could go to find an outlet which could properly electrify my jumbled thoughts ranging haphazardly from social injustice to mundane trivia.

Where does someone go to find that elusive connection or that feeling of Home?

Ideally, I would like to say that I simply clicked my heels together three times and landed on this moment. But, the truth is that I sincerely believe in the biblical verse which promises that for everything there is a Season - and a time for every purpose under Heaven. And in all fairness, I should give due credit for this cosmic revelation to my rather hazy recollection of the Byrds version of the classic song - Turn, Turn, Turn.

You will no doubt see that my depth of character often resembles a pendulum rapidly swinging - aligning almost evenly with daunting excerpts from literary giants such as Kafka on one side - to the nonsensical, oft overlooked insightfulness of Bugs Bunny on the other. What I learned from my cartoon world is remarkably similar to that which I have learned while aspiring to achieve acceptable levels of higher education.

"Anyone who cannot come to terms with his life while he is alive needs one hand to ward off a little his despair over his fate - but with his other hand he can note down what he sees among the ruins." - Franz Kafka.

"Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive" - Bugs Bunny.

It is all clearly just a matter of semantics.

I realize that I am simply a willing fool who wandered into a literary forest without so much as a compass to guide me. Choosing to rely instead upon the sound of my own echo to forge a path. But in this strange new world of mind and matter, I am hoping that our minds will occasionally meet to form a new crossroad where our possible differences will matter less - or not at all.

There's no place like Home.

And so it begins..... "

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"We Can't Drill Our Way...
Blah, Blah, Blah..."

Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Kennedy, Schumer, the camo-donkeys (Collins and Snowe... *spit*) and the rest of the donkey-parrot hybrids, et al, continue to bray out the same old, droning mantra. But refusal to grasp the rather elemental concept of speculation does not change the rules by which the speculators operate. Even if you say it will. Period.

Now see if this adds up... or maybe I should say, take the bait and I'll see ya' in the comments!

I know, I know... how come this stuff doesn't just become the color you guys declare it to be?! Are ya' listening yet?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

God Bless Tony Snow

Last evening, I sadly watched the first sunset on this world now bereft of Mr. Tony Snow's fleeting, God given presence. I took the above picture and quietly said heartfelt prayers for his family to find the required strength to bear their tremendous loss. As much as we will miss him, he lived his life as an example to all mankind. Rest gently in the arms of angels, Sir!

Kind thanks to Dena for a fitting, deserved tribute to a giant who knew what the word "gentleman" really meant. I particularly like how she has let his very few words uttered here... say it all.


I just found an article that Mr. Snow wrote very shortly after being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005. Here is an amazing, golden quote from it:

" Fear is a waste of time. The worst that can happen is that we'll die — which happens to everybody, anyway. Until the Grim Reaper comes knocking, we're alive. "

"Alive"... yes, indeed... and his message is that we should live like it! ...every single day.

My mother is in her ninth year of survival of Leio Meio Sarcoma, the rarest and most deadly form of sarcoma type cancers (there are about 500). She is literally a case history survival record by which other oncologists are studying. Mr. Snow's insight, bravery and beautiful, reasoned approach to his fight should provide lessons for all of us, sick or otherwise. He has been a noted inspiration for my family since he was diagnosed.

On "Taxing the Rich"...

The following responding quote is sourced from the deep mind of "Old Soldier" over at Gayle's excellent Dragon Lady blog. Not only is it one of the very best, succinct explanations of the perils and pitfalls of the socialistic policy of "taxing the rich", it underscores the vast informational exchange that occurs through blogging. I would be remiss to ignore an opportunity to further share his wisdom, so I will do so now. He is responding to another commenter's words which were...

"Regarding Senator McCain's tax policy, his move to keep the Tax cuts for the wealthiest americans don't add up and if you do the math, his tax policies cost the american people over 1 trillion dollars compared to Senator Obama's policies which average about 880 milion [sic]. Therefore given the current state of the economy, how can we rely on Senator McCain?"

Old Soldier replies:

" better understand your position, I would first have to ask why you believe higher tax rates for ‘the rich’ is fair? Is it because: ”they can afford it,” or “poor people cannot afford to pay higher taxes?” If you believe it is ‘fair’ to tax ‘the rich’ at every increasingly higher rates, then you truly do not believe in equality and fairness, you believe more in socialism; from each according to his abilities… If you believe the poor cannot afford to pay higher taxes, you’re right, but the poor do not pay income taxes. Under “Earned Income Credit” they actually receive a refund for income tax withholding that they never paid. Most GOPers refer to this as wealth redistribution; because those who do pay taxes are essentially subsidizing poverty.

‘Tax cuts for the rich’ is merely a straw man that liberal politicians love to employ to rally the poor around the Democratic Party. The idea that the Democrats ‘care about’ or actually ‘fight for the little guy’ is not supported by history. Tax cuts for tax-paying citizens generates spendable funds which in turn are spent buying goods and services, or invested in small businesses by adding employees. The ‘trickle-down’ effect benefits our economy far more than letting the government [inefficiently] control more tax income. Indigo Red provided a very clear example of the ‘trickle-down’ effect.

I have yet to see a plausible explanation as to why the McCain tax cut extension (not new tax cuts) would cost Americans “trillions of dollars.” Undoubtedly, the Obama tax increases will cost Americans in lost jobs, lower income, etc. JFK, RR, and now GWB have proven that tax cuts stimulate the economy, which, in turn, results in more taxes paid in to the government. It is hard to argue with historically recorded outcomes, yet some folks will do so with [political] impunity.

”…how can we rely on Senator McCain?”

McCain has a long history that exemplifies his morals and ethics and includes actions that reinforce those values. Obama’s qualifications to lead America are embarrassingly little when compared to McCain. So, obviously, my question is, how can we rely on Senator Obama who has no such history. All we have by which to ‘measure’ Obama is his rhetoric; and that is dependent upon his audience rather than his values. the candidate of your choice, but please know for what that candidate actually stands.

Very, very well done... and without being condescending to boot!

The only thing I can add to that is pertaining to the original commenter's reference to "the current state of the economy". Contrary to what the media would like for the American people to believe, we are not in a recession (so far anyway). I am backlogged some ten months in my business and the businesses I work with are similarly swamped. I will submit that without the Bush tax cuts and the robust economy that we still retain to this moment, we would long ago have been sunk by the repeated waves that have come over our bow. Just consider the stunningly widespread impact of fuel prices more than doubling in the last 17 months, yet we still have not seen true negative economic activity or production. It is fragile and near the tipping point, with many factors like Iran poised to change this quickly, but we have thus far moved forward and persevered economically. I am convinced that without the stimulation that the tax cuts provided, we would not have been able to resist the huge negative tides and continue forward progress.

Great job, Old Soldier!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm Not Todd Shaw...

But I play like him over here in the Liberal Land of the Northeast. My snow is gone (Waaaaaah...) and worse yet, we get these imported blasts of "interior country weather" that blow in from the southeast and southwest. I just hate them, too. I have actually lived in many places where the humidity and temperature constantly hover just below a million, but I finally wised up and came home over seventeen years ago. Most of the summertime, it is reasonable temps (70's) and nice, dry air (40% humidity or so). Ah, yes... summer in Maine.

But then we get those never-brief-enough periods of a few days wherein you can close your eyes and imagine yourself standing on those baking, elevated strips of I-10 pavement that run directly above the swamps of Louisiana... Ugh! No offense, my friend Blogi, but I am unfit to have conversation with when it gets like that. I just want to sit naked in a cold river with a tygon "lifeline" tube in my mouth, connected to a well pressurized, temporarily full beer keg. Wake me when it snows, please.

Or alternatively, I may choose to relieve myself as Mr. Shaw has done here.

For those of you that might think this is somehow "faked" and can't be done, you are absolutely wrong. It is how snowmobiles routinely cross the inevitable stretches of open water in the late Spring sledding season. It does, however, require some skillful technique and constant forward motion, just like when flying an airplane. No parking until you reach dry land or it will be an embarrassing "glug, glug" sequence of sounds as your sled and your honor rapidly disappear out of sight. But fun without risk and challenge is probably... ummmm... not as much fun. HA!

So, smoldering, piping hot where you call home today? Enjoy if you can, something different from my blog besides my usual misery and doom. I think the sentiments, the vid quality and even the music very nicely convey my views here, but then again...

"Where is my mind?"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ready to Hurl?

"It is allowed to marry a girl at the age of one, if sex is postponed. The Prophet Muhammad, whose model we follow, married 'Aisha when she was six, and had sex with her when she was nine..."

Dr. Ahmad Al-Mub'i, a Saudi "Marriage Officiant"

Gosh, these folks are good old regular people, just like us, after all! Make sure you see the video of this enlightening "discussion".

***Thanks to Angel for bringing this to attention.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Message to Ahmadinejad...

Ummmm... Might be a wise move to review recent neighborhood history.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A "Georgia Man"...
Yeah, Sure...

Leave it to the Leftstream Media, this time AP, to re-gift this animal as a resident of one of our United States! How did I know that this scumbag was another one of those "peaceful" Muzzies before I even watched the disgusting video? The best part is the sweet little familial wave he gives at the end to those from his household whom he hasn't yet murdered.

DEPORT every last one of them! (OK, in fairness and the liberal spirit of "cultural" tolerance, we should probably allow those Muzzies to stay who are screaming from the rooftops in defense of the dead daughter... Where are they again?)

It IS Coming...

Some of my friends are also landlords, but on a much larger scale than myself. They are facing losses much larger than I am, as they simply cannot raise their rental fees enough to cover the rising cost of winter heating this year. People's wages have not increased on a par with fuel costs. Tenants are leaving their rentals and moving in with family or friends to combine incomes and try to survive... for the moment. I have only three rentals and sets of tenants. One set has just left, thus I am about to sample the "market" and find out what is out there at this time. What I am hearing from other, bigger landlords is very, very bad. Many have units that have been empty for months.

I have learned to be very picky... I have a five page application form that requests everything from your SSN to your credit and criminal history. I tell them right up front that if they leave one space blank, they can just drop it into the nearest "round file" and save me the effort. I didn't include "unnecessary" information requests. I "interview" no less than twenty sets of prospects per open unit, and I would rather leave a rental empty and continue to search than install a nightmare. Yes... experienced, that's me. One of my most noteworthy horror shows still has 14 years time to serve in the Federal Penitentiary.

Consequently, I generally have tenants that stay with me for several years, live and pursue an honorable life and create little to no problems. I also have an excellent speaking relationship with them. It is business, for sure, but I include a human element and make every effort to be a good landlord, delivering the same "fair shake" that they, like me, have been determined to be seeking. It is a tried and proven methodology for me. That is necessary because it is also a sideline to my primary form of self employment.

So I sat each down a few days back as they paid their monthly due, and we had a serious heart to heart discussion. I explained that I have full oil tanks for heating this winter, but that the quantity I now store is insufficient to go the whole winter. In fact, I typically average 1000 to 1200 gallons consumption per season. Historically, I always pre-buy my oil, paying cash in the month of July. Two years ago, it cost $1.81 per gallon for #2 fuel oil. Last year, it was $2.61 per gallon. I raised rent exactly enough to break even on this expense last year, and carefully showed them the math so they would be on the same page. I make every effort to be fair and be conscientious of their limited incomes.

This year, I cannot pre-buy one drop of oil... NO oil comapny thus far is offering any "package deals" to date. (...and I have no place else to store what I could buy now.) I understand and certainly don't fault the suppliers for that. How could they do anything else? The forecast SUCKS! The Demorats (including our two illustrious failure Senators, Snowe and Collins) still refuse to drop drill bits in our offshore waters, ANWR, Colorado and numerous other confirmed resource locations. Predictably, the speculators continue to expect the price of oil go up based on a relatively fragile, but somewhat constant, supply vs. an ever upward spiraling of demand. It is a logical and excellent bet that the price will continue to increase given current circumstances. What speculator would not invest in that good bet?

Today's "low" price is $4.51 per gallon and ranges all the way up to $4.93. Tomorrow will be based upon what is going to happen. How much more unstable can things become? Perhaps the answer is "a LOT more".

John Bolton has recently stated that Israel "will have to" attack Iran due to estimates of it completing and possessing nukes sometime in 2009. Iran has recently taken delivery of Russian TOR-MI missiles. None of these concerns are fresh or new, but they have come to startling maturity. Iran has also made statements that if Israel hits them, they will "close" the Strait of Hormuz, only 21 miles wide at its' narrowest point, and strangle the route exiting the Persian Gulf for an estimated 27% of the world's oil exportation.

A lot of this information is not new. For example, you may wish to read this eye opening article from Newsmax that dates back more than two years. Here is a critical paragraph:

"Revolutionary Guards missile units have identified "more than 100 targets, including Saudi oil production and oil export centers," the defector said. "They have more than 45 to 50 Shahab-3 and Shahab-4 missiles ready for shooting" against those targets and against Israel, he added."

When I sat down with my tenants individually a few days back, I explained that I knew they could not afford a hike in rent that would save me from losing money due to higher fuel costs. My alternative is to throw them out after they reject the higher rent, and seek new tenants that can. If I don't find replacements before winter, (people tend to stay put once the snow starts and not move unless they have zero choices otherwise) where am I then? How much money does that apartment generate with no one in it? Do I want to be forced into selecting questionable tenants? Do I just drain the water from the pipes and leave them empty and cold? (Insurance companies raise rates for long term empty apartments when they get wind of it. Taxes are still due, and they went up +48% two years ago!)

The short answer is that you either raise rent equivalent to what they can afford or you may have to skip raising it at all. Most of the bigger landlords that I know are choosing to lose the money due to increased expense and try to survive. They are already losing tenants vs. their capacity and trying not to lose any more.

Do you see the fragility that is forming?

What is your estimate or "best guess" about how high the cost of a barrel of oil will become if Iran even moderately interferes with oil traffic in the S.O.H.? Mine is $200 or more. This is based upon the impact historically of much lesser constricting, percentage-wise, changes in oil supply vs. demand. We have never seen anything approaching a +25% loss of oil supply, worldwide.

I believe the repercussions of an attack on Iran could double the price of gasoline at the pump in a matter of days, not weeks. That would paralyze society, especially if it occurs during the winter. It would virtually stop delivery of food to grocery shelves. What small town, with a budget that is already commonly in the red, plows its' highways after a big snowstorm with gasoline and diesel expenses of that magnitude? How does business function and continue? What happens to communications, electrical grids, police and fire resources? How long might it go on without relief? How desperate do cold, hungry people quickly become? Where do they go? What happens if banks close and people have no access to their moneys? No cell phone service or ATM's?

Mr. Bolton has stated that Israel will wait until after the election in November, because "they don't wish to influence the outcome". Here, I absolutely part company with his opinion.

Reasoning? I think Israel certainly DOES wish to influence the outcome of the election... and not in a direction that would place Obama in charge. Yes, there are many misty eyed mush brains who support him, but I do not believe that they comprise the bulk of his voting block right now. I also think that faced with a nation wide disaster of the degree that I suggest above, even before winter, that the American population will reject his transparent, vague assurances of a rosy future in numbers great enough to give the victory to McCain. We are Israel's strongest, longest ally... period. They NEED us to be reliably at their side and strong in what they are about to confront. That ain't spelled 'O-b-a-m-a', folks... and they know that.

Iran has an estimated 40 to 50 nuke sites that we and Israel have identified. They are deeply embedded in the ground and heavily fortified. There well may be more that we don't know about yet. These facts exemplify the fact that we are already drastically tardy in confronting this eminent threat. But that does not remove that threat, it only hastens the speed at which we must finally take action. And yes, it may already be too late to be effective, but that does not justify continuing to bury our heads in the sand (or the orifice which the liberals most commonly occupy).

We may well find unusual allies, albeit perhaps silent, in some of the neighboring Arab countries. You don't think so? Who of them bemoaned Israel's strike last September at the Syrian nuke facility that our old buddy Kim Jong Illness helped them build? No one... not a one. They well understand the maniacal threat in Iran as it is directly in their own back yards!

It is not a pretty picture... but it hasn't been for a long, long while now. The procrastination to act and the endless re-characterizing of Iran's "intentions" has only exacerbated the coming showdown. If an attack by Israel goes poorly, with massive (promised, remember...) Iranian retaliation on Israel and key oil supply locations in Saudi, etc., it could quickly escalate to Israel being forced to use the nuclear card.

I implore those of you I have come to so highly respect and admire... Prepare.

Store extra gasoline in several five gallon cans. Date and rotate them out every month, putting the oldest one in your vehicle of choice and refilling to return to secure storage.

Buy a generator (or two). I suggest small, low watt models with low fuel consumption ratings. Target running the absolute essentials to live. For me, that is two large freezers and a very small, low draw heat circulation pump for my external wood fired boiler.

Store as much fresh, drinkable water as you can. We have a well with an electric pump that is large and high amperage draw... too much to be practically run with a generator. But effective, hand operated pumps can still be purchased.

Extra propane containers for an outside grill can offer a very efficient source of simple, essential cooking.

Buy and store canned goods in a dry, cool location. Lots of them. We bought a large cache initially, and then built it up a bit at a time each week with our normal food shopping.

A reliable radio, preferably two, with battery capability and plenty of charged (but re-chargeable, for any time that you can recharge them with household or generator current) batteries.

Improve your door and window locks... You well may have to keep people OUT.

Guns. A minimum of three, with as much ammunition as you can accumulate. A pump shotgun, with buckshot at the ready, is an exceptional tool for inside the home defense. A concealable handgun with defense grade ammunition of .38 caliber or larger. And don't forget the simple .22 caliber rimfire rifle! It is relatively quiet, accurate, cheap to buy ammunition for and excellent for doing proper execution on a variety of small game.

CASH on hand. Enough to allow you to buy super high priced fuel or anything else you might absolutely NEED to live on your own. The banks may very well be closed for biz for an undetermined period of time.

Now when you get finished calling me a "survivalist", a "paranoid" or any other number of derogatory labels, I invite you to honestly ask yourself how inconvenient these simple steps might be if NOTHING I am alluding to takes place. I will risk amusing you and provoking your laughter. I guarantee you I will not laugh at you if you choose to remain unprepared and I am correct about our near future. I also, sadly, will not be able to help you.

Your canned goods won't spoil. Your water will remain drinkable. Your cash will not rot. Your generator will still sit there at the ready, but not be run. Your guns will do the same. Are you really too busy to take these very simple steps to be prepared if things get swiftly bad? Would you rather sit around miserably hungry, cold and at the mercy of the elements and watch your family suffer to an otherwise possibly avoidable end?

My wife is from the Philippines and witnessed the fall of Marcos, the chaos and turmoil that followed, Martial Law imposition, closed banks, and marauding mobs of hungry, destitute people. Los Angeles residents lived through, firsthand, how quickly their elite society came tumbling into the streets after the Rodney King verdict. They experienced what it was like to be abandoned by the police who refused to enter their neighborhoods to protect them. If Mr. Bolton is correct and the Israeli attack comes in the early part of winter, the complications could make the LA riots look like an afternoon on the playground.

I have thought about writing this for a long time now. I regret that I have come to the point where I feel it necessary. Skyrocketing fuel costs supplied by sworn enemies cannot continue to go unresolved and ignored. Radical "change", far divorced from that which Mr. Obama would attempt to cajole you with... is coming. Heed the warnings and prepare. The happy songs and hand holdings are not viable defense. Neither are tears or apathy... that's how we got here. Act and utilize the closing window of time.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

I pledge to...

Never Forget the sacrifices, the lives, the tears and the abandoned personal dreams by the soldiers who defended Our Country.

Never Forget the permanently wounded, bereaved family members those brave souls left behind.

Never Forget my individual duty to uphold, speak out about and remind others of these incredible gifts of freedom conveyed to all Americans.

Never Forget to instruct our children in the true heroic history of Our Forefathers.

Never Forget to honor these precious blessings on Our Country's significant days of remembrance including Patriot's Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, this hallowed Independence Day, and Labor Day.

Never Contribute to the apathy that continues to attempt to erode what we have.

Always be thankful.

Always be respectful.

Always be indebted to and humbled by our military personnels sense of duty.

Honestly, since January 29th, when McCain stole our party's nomination, I have been disillusioned and found it nearly impossible to write here. I felt, and to some degree still feel, that much of what this country once represented has been lost... or is about to be.

While that may still prove to be true, I now look in the mirror and realize that by not contributing to the din of objection to his stances that myself and other true Conservatives find so objectionable, I am myself being apathetic. When others still, to this very second, walk battlefields still defending us... my apathy and emotions of futility are quite simply... unacceptable.

Brave men and women continue to lay their lives on the line, as so many have gallantly done before them, yet I have seen fit to be almost silent and overwhelmed. Good that so many do not retreat into virtual submission as I have done these last months. I am ashamed.

How many more and enormous difficulties have these soldiers unflinchingly faced?

Therefore, I will return to my meager contribution to the rising noise of opposition. I despise McCain, but I will fight the imperial, elitist socialism of Obama and all his power seeking, evading cronies. We have overcome much greater evils in our long, triumphant history. Who the hell is this impostor of Chicago to assume that he can overrun and quiet our voices? And who the hell am I to allow his bluster, media control and mindless minions to intimidate and squelch my fuel to oppose him loudly?

I also wish to give due credit to those who made me look in that mirror and relocate my ambition. It is all of you... my fellow Conservative bloggers whom I revere with regard you will likely never fully grasp. You are each Warriors. You undauntingly speak and risk enduring criticisms. You do it repeatedly, consistently and without fail. You inspire me and remove me from an island of isolation I would otherwise perhaps withdraw to. Just so you know... I read your words, absorb and appreciate much more than you may realize... often without deserved comment.

So... I had this *idea*. Accolades, where they are so very due! Why not? And what better day to begin than America's Birthday?

How many of you experience the same feelings of withdrawal and ineffectiveness? How often do you ask yourself "Why bother?" or "Does it REALLY ever make any difference?"

We each have, almost without exception, a "Bloglist" or "Blogroll". Mine is assembled to show others who I read and enjoy, perhaps enticing them to experience those individual talents themselves. They all have their unique approaches, styles, talents and items of importance to which they choose to direct attention. But to me, they are so very good, they deserve more than a simple title in a sidebar and a hypertext link. They earn special, one-at-a-time recognition!

Therefore, on this sacred Birthday of America, 2008, I choose to begin my periodic "Wordsmith Warrior" designation.

In it, I will attempt to place one unique and deserving blogger into the spotlight of those who might kindly visit here. I want to offer some endorsement and support for those who make such magnificent, giant efforts to keep the good principled fight.

Anyone on my bloglist is there for special reasons. I don't just add at random or for favor... ever. You can bet your butt if you're on it, you have made a big dent on my radar screen.

But now I must select the first "Warrior".

Who? There should be no question.

She is the staunchest, most consistent, caring, truthful, dedicated and loving Conservative blogger I have ever been privileged to know. All my dearest friends quite consistently open her page first when they sit down to read the daily wisdoms. She is humble, intellectual and unbending in her commitment to NEVER quit the fight. Her personal life never is allowed to become so large that there is not room in her day for her country.

God Bless and preserve you "Angel" of "Woman Honor Thyself" blog! You are the epitome of faith, service and unswerving determination. YOU inspire. YOU motivate. YOU are my mirror. Thank you for all you do to lead us and set the textbook example. I salute you, you could not be more worthy and you are my first...

"...the blessings, the liberty, the freedom! I just SO , SO LOVE this beautiful country!"

Angel, July 4th, 2008

May God allow us to recognize the precious people, places and duty bound acts that make this country so imperviously strong. May He give us the strength to persevere. May He grant us the tolerance to understand the misdirection of so many. And may God Bless this unconquerable nation to always provide the light of Freedom to mankind on all shores.

Forever may we live strong...